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Empire True Blue 9 Inch Magnetic Level and 7 Inch Rafter Square Combo Kit EM81.9

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On the job, you want to make sure you’re placing everything where it needs to go. With the help of this combo kit from Empire, including a torpedo level and rafter square, you can do just that with ease. These heavy-duty aluminum measuring tools will let you measure angles and check level for different mounting projects with safety and ease. Their sturdy construction holds up to the rigors of tough indoor and outdoor jobsites, so you can bring them up on ladders without fear of breaking them. The torpedo level has a collection of features that will give you greater ease of viewing compared to regular bubble levels. It has a top-down viewing slot that lets you measure floors or shorter projects that would otherwise require you to get down on your hands and knees. It has a magnetic strip on the side that lets you keep this mounted to piping or other metals, so you can work hands-free for plumbing projects or in on more industrial jobsites. The rafter square has imperial and metric units printed on it, with a handy conversion table to let you make adjustments on the fly, letting you work around the world with ease. Whether you want the best tools to work on projects around the house or on professional construction jobs, look no further than Empire.

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